At VIR Laboratories, we intervene in all stages of the creation of a medicine, from its research (in the Research and Development Department of New Products) and subsequent development, to the validation of the analytical methods and the manufacturing processes of each medicine, culminating with the corresponding Stability Studies (according to ICH conditions) and Product Release Certificates.

At VIR we manufacture and condition for ourselves and for more than 25 third parties, both national and international pharmaceutical companies, in oral solid, semi-solid and oral liquid pharmaceutical specialties.

VIR is authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products as a European Releaser of medicines, which certifies products manufactured outside the European Union to be marketed in EU territory.

In addition, we have a department specializing in Quality Control of medicines, where complete analysis of raw materials, packaging material and semi-finished and finished product are carried out, always according to specifications of European Pharmacopeia.

Likewise, the Quality Control Laboratory performs trace analysis in washing waters of the corresponding manufacturing zones. VIR has state-of-the-art equipment consisting of 9 automatic HPLC lines, gas chromatograph, automatic dissolution equipment, absorption spectrophotometers I.R. and U.V.-visible, moisture analyzers, viscometers ... And also a Microbiology Department for Microbiological Control of Product and Environment according to Pharmacopeia in force.